Lesley James Studios
Virginia-based artist specializing in portraiture and original works.
  1. Olivia at the Beach
    Olivia at the Beach
    16x20 Oil on Canvas Private Commission.
  2. Sunflower Debut
    Sunflower Debut
    6x6 Oil on Panel. SOLD
  3. Marcella
    6x6 Oil on Canvas. Private Commission.
My name is Lesley James.
I commission custom heirloom portraiture and original works on canvas. Welcome to my studio. What can I create for you today?
Painting is my passion! I earned a BS in Fine Art, but most of what I have learned over the years is self-taught. I enjoy painting people, pets and animals, botanicals and original illustrative works in oil. I enjoy both traditional and contemporary styles and will sometimes use a crossover between the two.
People ask who I am inspired by and I always have to say that God inspires me the most. He has not only given me a feast for my eyes to take in, but He also gave me the ability to use it as inspiration for the canvas. He has blessed me with this gift and I intend to use this talent to the best of my ability to honor Him.